What should I expect when I visit?

You should expect a warm greeting by friendly people who are truly glad that you are Familythere. Visitors will see a church family that mirrors the rich diversity of the Blythewood/ Columbia NE area and will also hear the latest in contemporary Christian music in a relaxed church environment. You will experience our Bible-based community where everything we do is founded upon the Word of God and its Biblical principles.



Our Purpose

LighthouseThe purpose of Willow Lake Church is to worship God by building a growing community of believers that are equipped to represent Christ in the world.

What does Willow Lake Church offer my family?

Small GroupsOur small groups are designed to offer a safe and comfortable environment in which we can grow in our relationship with God and with those who attend the small group through Bible
study, discussion, and regular planned activities. We offer small groups on Saturdays and Sundays for men, ladies, parents, single young adults, youth, and children.